There are a number of reasons why a company decides to redo their headshots. It could be that they realise that the selfie in front of stationary cupboard won’t cut it any longer, the image of your CEO at a wedding doesn’t send the right message or there is just not a consistent look across the board.

So yeah, a photographer is hired to take a dozen or so fantastic headshots. They are up on the website, being used for marketing collateral and all in the world is as it should be.

Then, 6 months down the track, comes a new hire and do you think you can remember who you used for those fantastic headshots. Unfortunately for the photographer it is almost easier to just hit Google and find “a” photographer. And here in lies a precautionary tale. You are about to head down a road that, a bit like chinese whispers, overtime is going to result in headshots that are no doubt good but are starting to drift from the style you had established not all that long ago.

I wish it wasn’t the case that you forgot your photographer but I know it happens. (insert sad face)

There is a solution and it is a fairly simple one. Ask your photographer to put together a lighting diagram. This coupled with examples of previous images should be more than enough for your next photographer to step in and take over.

This also works well if you are trying to replicate your headshot style with interstate or international offices.

Follows is an example of a lighting diagram for a recent round of headshots that were undertaken onsite at the clients location. The company had overseas stakeholders and requested the document for the purpose of replicating the photoshoot.

Notice how I have added my details to the footer…

CBD headshot photography lighting diagram