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As a professional photographer working in the corporate world for over 15 years, I’ve seen plenty of events, conferences, awards nights and product launches. Some have been big, some small. Some have been expensive, while some have been put together on a modest budget. 

No matter the size or budget, all have been important to the individual clients who have hosted or organised them.

In fact, some of them have been events that have been a year in the making and possibly the largest corporate event they have ever hosted or indeed, ever likely to, which is why the photography and videography becomes so important and useful.

My clients range from the global company Microsoft through to small charities who have somehow managed to get all their suppliers on board at a pro-bono rate.  The budget or size of the organisation doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is that I deliver a first class and professional package every time. 

I have corporate clients from nearly 10 years ago, still using imagery that  I photographed for them! 

They haven’t updated them as they’re well composed, well lit, timeless and still serve their purpose very well.

Sure, I’d love for them to commission me to refresh their photography every year, but not all clients have the budgets to do so which is why a professional photographer shoots for a range of uses and purposes, giving the client maximum value for their spend.

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When asked what makes a good corporate event or conference photographer I always think of the basics. 

  • Presentation
  • Punctuality
  • Politeness

‘But that’s nothing to do with photography!’ I hear you shout.  You’re correct, but think about the delegates at a corporate event.

They’re unlikely to see photos until later in the day, or possibly the following week, so all they are going to be judging the expo or conference photographer on first impressions.

Has s/he turned up on time?  Are they friendly and approachable? How do they look?  Are they suitably attired and blending in?  Tick those basics off the list and they can marvel at the photos when they finally get to see them.

From a corporate event perspective, a photographer who is dressed appropriately (ie smart pants and shirt rather than jeans and t-shirt) is likely to get the best result from his subjects, and any request for co-operation is likely to be met with respect and agreement. 

Try getting that done with a photographer dressed in scruffy clothes and looking like an outsider!

A competent photographer is all well and good, but a conference photographer with the attributes listed above really is the one you want to be booking for your next corporate event or function. 

Often, during a major expo or conference in Melbourne, clients choose to update their staff headshots to complete their corporate branding as staff are often in one place at the same time and there is a professional photographer on site to photograph the corporate headshots. This also usually works out as better value overall for the client.

When booking a corporate or conference photographer, don’t forget to check the standard of photography, but also the standard of dress too – it will help to achieve the best outcome for the event and remain relevant and useful for many years.