I get a lot of questions about headshots. From why(this one usually from people I describe my profession to) to what should I wear on the day.

So if you find yourself asking questions remotely pertaining to headshots then I hope you will find the answers here. If you don’t, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

What’s the purpose of a headshot?

I’m going to lead off with this one.

A headshot serves as your professional first impression. It’s used on resumes, social media, and websites to showcase your appearance and personality to potential employers or clients.

How should I dress for my headshot?

Dress in attire that aligns with your industry. Generally, opt for clothing that is clean, well-fitting, and represents the level of professionalism expected in your field.

Should I use makeup for my headshot?

Light makeup can help even out skin tone and enhance your features. However, it’s essential to aim for a natural look that reflects your everyday appearance. I do retouch all final images with the aim of showing you on your best day: )

Should I go for indoor or outdoor lighting?

Both options can work well. Indoor lighting offers control and consistency, while natural outdoor light can provide a softer, more flattering look. Choose based on the mood you want to convey.

What background should I choose for my headshot?

A plain, neutral background is often the safest choice as it puts the focus on you. However, you can also choose a background that subtly reflects your profession or personality.

Should I smile or look serious in my headshot?

A genuine smile can convey approachability, while a more serious expression can indicate professionalism. I know that the big to smile is not for everyone, but smiles is nice even if you’re are just smiling with your eyes.Choose an expression that matches the tone you want to set.

How should I pose for my headshot?

A:  Keep your posture relaxed and confident. Angle your body slightly, our goal is to take a great headshot not a mugshot. I am your friend here and I will guide you.

Should I crop the headshot or include part of the upper body?

The crop depends on how you plan to use the headshot. A close-up is suitable for profiles, while a wider shot can work for websites or promotional materials. What ever the case, go for waist up and crop accordingly.

Color or black and white headshot?

Most headshots are in color, but black and white can add a timeless and artistic feel. Choose the style that complements your brand.

How often should I update my headshot?

Update your headshot every 1-2 years or when there are noticeable changes in your appearance, such as hairstyle or glasses. It’s important to present an accurate likeness.

Should I hire a professional photographer?

Yep! because hiring a professional headshot photographer ensures high-quality results. We have the expertise to capture you in the best light, with proper equipment and setup. Selfies might be acceptable for Tinder but not for the professional world.

How can I convey my brand through my headshot?

Choose clothing, background, and expression that align with your personal or professional brand. For example, if you’re in a creative field, show some personality; if in finance, opt for a more formal look.

What size and format should the headshot be?

Follow platform guidelines. For LinkedIn, a square image around 400×400 pixels is common. A high-resolution JPEG is versatile for various uses. In any case, make sure you get hi-resolution final images.

Should I retouch or edit my headshot?

A:  Minor retouching for blemishes or lighting adjustments is acceptable. I would avoid heavy retouching that significantly alters your appearance.

After more tips? You could read my Guide for looking Awesome in your headshots.

If you have any questions that I haven’t raised here please add them in the commencts section.