Industrial and Commercial Photographer Melbourne

Melbourne is a power house of production and innovation in the Industrial and Commercial sectors and we are here to capture it’s essence with considered imagery. With decades of experience we have worked with small innovative clients to giants in their industry. Delivering engaging image assets for company prospectuses, annual reports and marketing collateral.

We take pride in capturing the raw beauty and functional elegance of the industrial landscape. From the grandeur of factories to the intricate details of machinery. Join us on a visual journey where every image narrates a story of progress and proficiency.

As your Industrial Photographers in Melbourne, our mission is to not only document but also elevate the visual representation of your industry. Whether for promotional material, documentation, or showcasing the human element within industrial settings, we bring a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision to capture the essence of your industrial endeavors.

Safety First, it can get hot and steamy!

We are all about getting the shot but we do want to go home at the end of the day in one piece. The last thing we want to do is put your people at risk by not understanding the hazards of your industry and workspace. To that end conforming to induction procedures and required PPE is as much of a concern for us as it is for you.

What we can do for you.

Our comprehensive industrial photography services cater to a wide range of commercial and industrial needs, providing top-notch visual solutions for various sectors. We specialize in capturing the essence of manufacturing processes, showcasing the intricate details and efficiency of production lines, machinery, and factory environments. We have a keen eye for highlighting the unique features and technological advancements within your operations.

To complement our industrial photography, we also provide corporate portrait services, delivering high-quality images that reflect the professionalism and character of your team. Whether you need dynamic images of your facilities or polished portraits for your corporate communications, our services are designed to meet all your visual needs with excellence.





Andrea Cocker
"I have used David and his team for a variety of projects. Recently, David organised our corporate headshots, and the end results were amazing. Highly recommend!"
Mark De Wan
Very happy with the sitting with David, from CBD Photography. Took numerous shots to ensure that the right one was captured. Was able to view all photos taken, with David at hand, to guide me to the final choices. Very approachable, professional and timely. I have no hesitation recommending David for your corporate photos.
Nhu Tran
David is an incredible photographer for corporate headshots, and I couldn't be happier with the experience and results. David not only takes amazing photos, but is professional, accommodating and knows how to make everyone feel comfortable when getting their photos taken. Highly recommend CBD Photography for all corporate photos.
Hugh O'Sullivan
Have used David through for professional photos for marketing campaigns many times and he has always been outstanding at what he does. I would recommend him to any company
Wendy S.
David was great, he helped put our people at ease, getting the best results. Highly recommend CBD for professional corporate photography.
Claire McCormack
David was incredibly professional and promptly delivered photography of our media event and site tour. The quality of the final photos was excellent and captured the spirit of the event perfectly. The turnaround of the work, high level of communication, and quality of final photos means I would highly recommend David for any event photography needs. Thanks again David!
Ashleigh Nixon
Such a great experience with David from CBD Photography! Really relaxed environment and David was super helpful on the day - not to mention the quality of work is A+. As a busy legal practice, David made the entire process hassle free and was so easy to deal with. Will definitely be using his services again.
Tanya Spencer
I would highly recommend David’s headshot/professional photography. We were very impressed with David’s professional service, competitive pricing and ease of dealings throughout the process. We received all photos as promised in a timely manner, and he took the time to make sure each staff member were happy and comfortable with their final images.
Leigh Mellington
David for CBD provided us with a great set of images for our marketing efforts for Beat Coffee. From headshots to pack shots David was professional, super friendly and gave us great advice on how to present our packaging shots for website, social etc
Timothy Skinner
I hate having my photograph taken, and avoid this like the plague. However I had several professional contexts hassling me for a decent quality picture. I got referred to Carmen by a colleague. She made me feel relaxed, and at ease immediately. The result is a;; the pictures she took actually look like I am normally, not artificially smiling or posed in ways that you would never see me. She gave clear instructions that are easy to follow. The discussion of the different photo options was stress free and the final product excellent, I ended up getting a couple more than planned and have very positive feedback from my colleagues about them. Thanks Carmen.
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What makes a good Industrial Photographer?

What makes a good Industrial Photographer?

A good industrial photographer possesses a unique blend of technical skills, artistic vision, and specific personality traits that enable them to excel in capturing complex industrial environments. Here are some key personality traits that make a successful industrial...