What is High Volume Corporate Headshots?

With this type of photography I am briefed to take a large number of images in one sitting with a single backdrop. Typically I am looking at taking 6-10 images per person in around 2 minutes. This includes proofing and selecting the images with each person live on laptop. This might sound a bit hectic but surprisingly not, two minutes or thereabouts is more than enough time to break the ice and get a relaxed set of images.

What are the benefits of High Volume Corporate Headshots?

For my clients, high volume headshots delivers a consistent result and look across their entire organisation. One that is easily replicable across their organisation. I often supply a lighting diagram and setup for my clients so that can be spun out across interstate or international offices using other photographers.

High Volume Corporate Headshot Setup

I typically setup with a key light(main light) a fill light on the opposite side, a  light for the backgound and a white background. One of my pet peaves  I often see is inconsistent background exposure. It has to be white, not quite white, not a shade of white, but pure white. Or black, but that’s a different setup.

CBD headshot photography lighting diagram