Is this to become my post covid workflow, I mean it’s totally covid safe and all. It might seem so but no, thankfully, people are getting back into office spaces and life and work appears to be getting back to normal.

For this client, AGCO Finance, having a natural environment for their headshots was important and on brand. It just so happned the perfect location on the day was directly behind where I parked. You can’t really see into the back of the car but the laptop is set up and I am transmitting the images as I shoot to proof and select as we go.

For this setup I had the main light(softbox), an umbrella(to provide a bit of spill onto the foliage in the background aswell as lighting the opposite side of the subject) and a speed light just to lift the shadows in the foliage.

Gear used:

Canon 5dMKIV + 24-105mm f4
Godox AD400pro + 60 x 90 softbox
Godox AD200 + Shoot through umbrella
Godox V860cII flash